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Pay it Forward – Your Children & Finances

You want to give your children as much as you can – especially the knowledge of how to avoid making the same mistakes you did. For many of us, that means giving children a better understanding of how to manage their money so that they can build strong, healthy financial lives later on in life.

This course is specifically designed for parents, and it’ll teach you how to talk to children about money, particularly if you feel you lack basic money-management skills yourself. This course will empower you with more knowledge about healthy approaches and teach you kid-friendly ways that get your children interested in how money works.

You’ll get age-appropriate budgeting tips and valuable advice on how to teach children that they’re responsible for their money, as well as how to teach them the value of saving for future goals. They’ll learn how money is an integral part of achieving their ambitions and that it can also be an essential way to give back to the people they care about, their communities, and the world at large.

As a parent, you’ll learn a great deal too – including how to protect your children from any unhealthy thoughts toward money that you may still harbor. Once you take this course and learn how fascinating and enjoyable money management can be for your children, you may well find yourself enjoying your own money management a lot more!

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