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Shedding Debt

If you’re currently in debt, you’ll find this module a lifesaver. It’s easy to get into debt, and debt can often be very difficult to escape. Many people find themselves in a “debt spiral” where their debts become so burdensome that they have to open new lines of credit to pay off their existing debts – and, of course, that pattern only becomes worse with time.

This module will help you reverse the spiral and start climbing out of debt using tried-and-true methods. We use these strategies ourselves as not-for-profit credit counsellors, and we help tens of thousands of people get out of debt every year using these tactics.

You’ll quickly learn how to reduce your debt, which debts to tackle first (and why), and how to assess your best path forward. Some debts can be useful to build your credit score or improve your life to the point where the debt is a reasonable trade-off. We’ll look into how to make those cost-value calculations with a clear head and a rational financial strategy.

You’ll also be able to examine how to calculate your debt repayment strategy based on your current income and personal life goals. You can take a look at the costs of debt and see if those downsides modify your current priorities about which debts to tackle first. Finally, you’ll discover methods for reducing and eliminating debt – for good.

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