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About Credit Canada Courses

24/7 Availability

Learn at night, at home, on breaks at work – wherever and whenever you want to boost your financial knowledge, your courses are there for you.


We don’t use complex spreadsheets or jargon. Every course is explained in easy-to-understand language, with real-world examples you can apply to your own life.

Take as long as you need

Many classes only give you one shot. If you get it right away, you get an A. If you don’t, you get an F. Not here!  Go ahead and take any course or lesson as many times as you like until you feel comfortable you’ve got it.

Smart Tools

You’ll get access to worksheets, calculators, and plenty of other tools that make it easy to apply each course to your own life.

Free / Affordable Courses

Learning healthy money habits begins by not spending a dime. That’s why we made every initial course free to use.


Certificate of Completion

When you finish a course, no one will be prouder than you. We want to help you show off just how much you’ve achieved, so we’ll send you a certificate to mark your achievement.

Credit Canada E-Learning Courses


Credit History 101

This course is targeted to Financial Planning Professionals. The course covers key topics related to credit history including: credit scores, credit rating and credit reports. Completion of the course qualifies for 1 FPSC-Approved CE Credit.

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The Fundamentals

Use this essential module to take a look at the hidden money beliefs that may have sabotaged you in the past - and build healthier, more successful strategies moving forward.

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Spending Plans

Most budgets fail because they're generic - they don't take into account your personal priorities, goals, or needs. This module helps you create a personal spending plan you'll be glad to use.

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Good Financial Record Management

Well-organized finances are easier to keep on track. We show you how to set up your bank accounts to make spending, bill-paying, and saving easier so you feel confident you’ve got it covered.

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Healthy Credit

Many people get into serious financial trouble because of poor credit habits. This module explains the types of credit, how to handle existing credit debt, and how to build your credit score.

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Shedding Debt

Did you know there is good debt and bad debt? This module explains how you can reduce your bad debt day by day and take advantage of good debt that builds your credit history.

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Building Wealth

Saving money is a great first step, but investing money can really grow your wealth. This module shows you how to put your money to work – so you can be financially comfortable for years to come.

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Home ownership is one of the biggest financial goals of most people's lives. This module explains everything from how banks think to how to make an offer to structuring your mortgage.

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Covering your Assets

Life can have unexpected twists and turns - and the proper protections make sure you're prepared for any crisis. We'll talk insurance, estate planning, and other forms of wealth protection.

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Pay it Forward – Your Children & Finances

You don't want your children to make the same money mistakes you did – and this module helps you teach them healthy money habits that will last them all their lives.

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Each course includes educational videos, online quizzes with real-time feedback, worksheets and calculators, as well as additional optional information such as links and downloadable materials for more in-depth learning.

Within each course is a free lesson to give you an overview of what’s included so you can test drive the course and decide whether you’d like to learn more.


Absolutely. In fact, we recommend starting with the module that speaks to whatever financial issue is most important to you right now. You’ll be far more likely to use the material if you’re personally invested in the results, and we want you to see that learning about money management is key to getting out of bad financial situations. Pick the course that feels most relevant to you, and we’re confident you’ll find the material within invaluable.


No. We don’t believe in failure. We want to help you learn the money-management skills that help you succeed. We designed the course so that if you aren’t able to reach high scores on quizzes, the course is simply incomplete, and you can go back and try again until you feel confident about what you’ve learned and get a better score. We’re also happy to provide additional materials, tools, and links to help you really sink your teeth in – and you’re welcome to keep using the course until it’s complete.


Our e-learning online courses are specifically designed to help you improve your relationship with money, and several specifically address important topics like credit and debt.  You’ll be able to use the materials in these courses to repair financial problems, make better choices moving forward, and feel confident you’re making sound decisions about how best to tackle your debts.

Our budgeting course, for example, is invaluable in helping you create a spending plan that works for you and that you can stick to, which means you’ll be able to make consistent steps toward getting out of debt without fear of backsliding.  Each and every course in this program will help you get out of debt and stay out of debt – where you should start depends on what feels right to you.


Yes. Your progress is paused whenever you stop in the middle of a course, and you can return at any time to pick up where you left off. If you want, you can stop at the first module of our credit course, switch to the spending plan course for a few modules, and come back to the first one – or start a third! You’re welcome to tackle the material in any order that makes most sense to you.

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