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Spending Plans

You may have heard that you need to create a household budget – but much like going on a diet, the idea of budgeting sounds completely unappealing. Going on a diet means cutting things out that you enjoy eating, and going on a budget means cutting out spending money on items you enjoy buying. No wonder diets and budgets both fail so often.

That’s why we don’t budget. We help you create a spending plan that dictates where your money is going based on your personal goals and desires. We won’t say you can’t spend money on any given item or ask you to cut out and relinquish the things that you enjoy in life.

Instead, you’ll learn how to take a look at your personal goals for your life and see if your current spending is serving those goals as well as it might. If not, you’ll learn how to adjust your spending until it aligns with your goals, so that you can feel good about where your dollars are going.

Sounds a lot more enjoyable than going on a budget, doesn’t it?

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