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Good Financial Record Management

One of the most common habits we see in people with severe debt is that their finances are a mess. They don’t know where their financial statements are, they don’t know how much they owe or where to find basic information about their debts, and they may not even want to look. It’s all in a muddle – which can make it very scary to tackle.

You’ll learn how to prevent that tangled knot of financial information that you can’t sort out. Instead, this module teaches you how to create systems that work for you, so you always have the financial information you need ready at hand.

With these tools, you’ll learn how to set up various bank accounts for different uses, how to set up automatic payments and transfers, and where to keep a “home base” for your financial information.

Once you’ve created an orderly underlying system, you’ll always have the information you need to adjust your spending to your wants and needs, tackle your debt, or achieve big goals such as saving for a down-payment on a house.

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